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Fearless Traders is a stock market investment training firm founded by Shraddha R. Kadam a passionate trader and digital marketer. Since its foundation in January 2020, Fearless Trader has made it far with over 600+ satisfied clients from all across India. Fearless Trader has changed lives by providing them a secondary source of income.

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What We Do

Fearless Trader provides training in stock market. They have witnessed clients from all walks of life, be it a student, housewife or a businessman and transformed them all into a successful trader or investor. This has been a result of constant emphasis on developing the right discipline and consistency.

Fearless Traders

Why Choose Fearless Traders

Fearless Trader is a well known and MSME Registered firm. We are a group of professional trainers who are looking forward to make the people more financially independent by training them through accurate, technical and the right techniques to trade in Intraday to gain at-least 10% of their daily investment.

Success Stories of Fearless Traders

Manoj Ingale Doctor

Fearless Traders is a bunch of passionate professionals really want to inculcate the trade in everyone's life. A trained and experienced staff who takes you from introduction of stock market to the trading landmarks.. I have been personally associated with FT from the beginning and one of the pioneer member of team. We trade in Equity, commodity and FNO market . Made huge returns in share markets with mostly intraday trading and now known as intraday master.. Thanks to team FT.

Pallavi Shete Mother

You guys have done amazing job so far like... I guess many people in our group are unknown to each other in-fact me n you also were unknown. But your way of training, handling different people and fearless attitude has bound us all. At the end we all has started enjoying one another's success. You guys are just a call/message away.At the end I am also trying to be a Fearless one in Trading like you all...have HAPPY TRADING. Try to Stay in Greeeennn...

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Balu Jadhav Teacher

You are a truly inspiration for us. we follow the way you taught us. Now earning with learning new strategies. We are blessed to have you as a guide. Earlier trading done by me was pure speculation for which I suffered losses or use to book small profit and exit because of it my capitalĀ  remains the same. You give me a very good assistance and I am much more confident now I always book my profit and strict with my SL.

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Fearless Traders

brings out the best in people, their knowledge, skills & inspiration.

Credibly pontificate highly efficient strategies.

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Mesh low risk high yield alignments.

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Passion itself explains all about the person.

Implement our strategies to achieve your goal’s

A great corporation makes their customer’s also great.

Deliver performance based methods whereas distributed empowerment expertise’s.

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